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Sunday, May 5, 2019

A sunny Sunday stroll with shrooms and science

Objective knowledge is only accomplished through subjective analysis of perception.
Obversely objective knowledge may be learned but is always subject to ones relative understanding.
Objectivity is derived only in the presence of substantiating qualia, or it's very definition being dictated by the subjective interpretation.

For instance, how the state of perceptional reality is forced to express itself as both a wave and a particle at the same time always and forever, leaving it to the observer to define via sensory input mechanisms in terms formulated using the space-time construct - frequency and amplitude or electromagnetic resonance... vibration.

Or another example albeit less tangible but no less objective is gravitational force. I don’t thing it requires further elaboration (even if science were able to).
In such terms, truth cannot be told only learned through subjective thought (meditation).

The profundity of this can be realized in that without this preconditioned state of consciousness we wouldn't be able to comprehend the difference between our feelings and the emotional response to the feeling.
Or expressed differently, we would not be cognizant of our mind adding to the biochemical-electromagnetic frequencies of emotions (which are states of electromagnetic BEING) via our feelings.

An example of this (meta or not) is experienced in that you don't have to be convinced of truth, truth is felt.

But some of us are too caught up in the love and acceptance rhetoric without ever stopping to really grasp what that means.

The issue lies with us becoming complacent with being 'participation award winners' that we never take the time to truly research and learn any type of truth.
It was one of the most frustrating matters concerning actualization of self:
YOU CANNOT BE TOLD TRUTH, it must be realized.

We live in the information age yet we are some of the most conditionally ignorant and cognitively bias in the history of our species to ever walk the Earth.
How does that happen?
Well it really can’t be of any surprise in a world of instant gratification. 
We are conditioned in such a way that anyone who reads a fucking meme tends to think they have awakened their Kundalini.

We have to go beyond the 'warm n fuzzies' and take responsibility for our actions and the impact they have on our environment and each other.
Irony in being that every human (admittedly or not) acts completely out of self interest, yet is often conditioned to condemn this behavior from a moral or ethical standpoint.
Then we convolute this further by never stopping to think about the fact you have to have a fucking me before you ever start to think about we.
Just another way we insulate ourselves from personal accountability and responsibility.
You're not going to change others until you change yourself.
You're not going to be able to properly love another until you learn to love yourself.
And some people are just assholes.
And you'll just have to get over it and let that go.
Enlightened understanding comes with the understanding of where the me ends and we begin.
Conversely, possessing potential doesn't give you value.
We are all created equal but we are not of equal value.
The differences in individual value is in how we utilize our potential at any given moment and how others are able to capitalize on this value we are able to offer them, making a community transaction.
If we are not effectively utilizing our potential then our value output remains null, which is inefficient use of energy.
A heart not beating is as good as no heart at all.
When we acknowledge the value in ourselves we are then able to share that value with others and value others equally, beyond any conditional self-interested measures, this also governs our interactions with environment and those in it.

Now what if someone were able to influence thought so deftly that they were able to manipulate the seemingly free thought of others into formulating the conceptual ideology of the influence(r) as their own?

And what if all the while that conceptual ideology remains totally unique to every individual and independent of origin?
Take a moment to understand what I'm trying to say there.
What if they were able to bestow insight that manifest the highest version of self?
Words can be more powerful than any weapon but are only given that power by the mind receiving them and only when interpreted in such a way that unlocks the understanding to which they point, to the unlimited power given them.
Is it they who spoke the word that manifest the value of potential that becomes expressed, or the thing expressing the potential through the act of actualization via realization?
Funny word.
Especially when we research it's etymology.
"I create, like the word."
Who created the word and from what was it created?
.... what is meant by "the word"?
It most definitely isn't the bible or the words in it.

How does mass migrational events happen within nature from larvae that were never shown or taught migrational behavior?
How do beta fish know that they must create oxygen bubbles for their eggs in order for them to survive long enough to hatch and that the bubble of oxygen is detrimental to it's survival post hatching? How does it know that the oxygen carries the essential energy required to manifest the life of it's young, and to an accuracy based off mass.
How does a Monarch know to metamorphose? Or not only to fly thousands of miles to a particular area in Mexico but be able to return to the exact same spot, synchronized so precisely with all Monarchs in North America that they arrive simultaneously and so punctual as to coincide with Mexico's most spectacular celebration practiced for thousands of years 'Dia de los Muertos'?

As the proverbial saying goes you can only lead a horse to water, likewise one can be shown the way but it is they who decide to drink by free will alone.
The programming exists within us, we only have to become conscious of it.
We then will begin to understand the properties of light and what light truly is, in turn understanding our own light and not only who we are, but WHAT we are.

The light will draw you home.


  1. I had to read this a few times as I am a newbie to this realm of understanding. I found this eye opening and inspiring...aaaaand will probably need to read it again. Lol you need a meetup group. I have questions!

    1. Sorry I have been MIA, work has been a little crazy lately. Just saw this comment. But yes, let's have lunch soon!


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