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Friday, December 21, 2018

I reached into you, this is what I pulled out.

We are a fractal dimensional life form created BY the universe to express itself AS the universe.

We, our DNA, is our own unique soundwave if you will, or frequency, spinning through space here on Earth.
We are literally animated Earth.
Like fingers through water causing a ripple, so are we a traveling fingerprint of God through the space of time.
You are created by a codified procedural structure that is able to be influenced by free-will thought on an unobservable subatomic-particle level energy exchange.
From nothing to everything.
We can never be God.
We are God.
We being every thing in this universe.

Our physical world acts in predictable manners which then brings their frequency from a predictive standpoint into reality or material existence.

Iron is iron, hydrogen is hydrogen, oxygen is oxygen etc..
Everything we know is simply pattern recognition from the physical data input mechanisms that are our senses.

You quite literally are the patterned spin of your molecules and particles swirling through the nothingness, or field of potential, upon our planet Earth.

Which has its own spin, spinning upon itself.
Which is itself spinning around a star, our Sun.
That is spinning so fast around itself that it is producing energy.
Energy in the form of thermal nuclear radiation.
Which is the most important source of energy we know as humans (hence our history of worshipping it, right?).
Which is itself spinning around something even greater.
Our Galaxy.
Which is itself spinning around something unknown and greater yet.
Outward in a logarithmic swirl.
Around the eye of the universe.
Whatever it is that we call the Big Bang.
Where our 'understanding' begins.

"Like through the eyes of a child."

Think about that shit.

Now if thermal energy is the greatest form of energy produced by the Sun...
Are we the greatest form of energy that Earth has produced?
And if not, then what?
Something so great that it is beyond all expectation or imagination?
Beyond our consciousness?
The only thing that would exist beyond our own consciousness would be something seemingly greater that which we would create.
Which would have to be a coupling of artificial intelligence with our own, to be beyond our own.

What would we then become?

And as for you, you only get to know YOU beyond that picture that the DNA paints, when you look beyond it.
Beyond the RNA.
Beyond your 'physical' self.
Even past how your RNA is sequenced into relevant terms within the DNA.
Down to the smallest details, into how it then interacts with the sub-atomic particles around it.
Your interaction with your environment.
Or, in other words...
Your reality.
In order to produce... YOU.

That is the journey that will allow you to get to know your own distinct sound.
Your frequency.
Your connection with source.
With God.
The spiral from the nothingness.
The eye of the oculus.
The eye of God.
Your consciousness.

And that God is LOVE.
We can even prove it so.

First, imagine what we could do as a planet if everyone operated out of pure love for just 1 day.
Think about that.
If everyone interacted out of love for an ENTIRE day with one another we could never NOT want to love one another again.

And think about what we would become as a species if we interacted with our whole environment from a state of pure love.
What would we become?
Would we too become light, so that all life as we know it would flourish?
How would a human become light?
How would a human become GREATER than light?
Is that the actuality of enlightenment?
What IS the next evolutionary phase to human existence?
Questions we should all be seeking an answer to on a personal level.

The one thing we can do is to become a light on the path for others, so that they may see their way on their own journey.
It is so important that we strive to be our best version of self consistently.
If/when we fall out-of-sync, no worries, we just float back into sync and continue on.
So... sit back and live with love kids.

Enjoy this spin, the spin of your own DNA's helix.
Enjoy being YOU.
It's the spin that makes you, you.
As it spins, beyond the comprehensible fraction of time.
Beyond every conscious moment.
Try ever more to become greater than that speed of light reaching your consciousness at any given moment.

Faster than that single photon of light upon your senses coming into consciousness as it happens.
Or more accurately, as it is unfolding.
Beyond space-time.
Be one with God.
And God with you.

Some of the greatest minds to have stared into this primordial swirl have brought back with them not just enlightenment, but also the greatest of technology.
All in attempts to bring us as close to understanding the universe as scientifically possible.

And think about that.

To have insight beyond space-time.
Into the unimaginable.

Is that the presipice upon which we stand now?

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