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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Sanctity of self: A vision most surreal, that was sure real.

So while I was in LA this last week I took the opportunity to meet up with my friend Matt Finelli.
Matt is one of my more eclectic friends with an incredible energy about him that I've always found intriguing because it is rare.
I've only felt this type of energy less than a handful of times in my life.
Similar in a way to my own, but with a much more compassionate resonance.
Included among his many travels in life are treks into the Amazonian jungle mountains of Peru to live with and study Peruvian shamans and their shamanic rituals.
Something I too wish to do in the near future with him.

While visiting with him he suggested we do a meditation to which I quickly agreed, always eager to explore these opportunities.

I went into this experience not knowing what to expect, but with an open mind.
Since I don't have much experience in meditation I was a bit more mentally reserved than I would have liked to have been but nonetheless, it was the most intense experience I've ever had.
We began by sitting before his Pachakuti fashioned Mesa and saying a prayer for the spirits of the universe to guide our journey and bless the meditation session.
We then projected our intent into a cannabis cigarette for what we wished to achieve with the meditation session.
I got hung up on this because I wanted to go into it open, with no intent other than to be shown whatever the universe wished to tell me. Little did I know, it heard my intent.
We lit the joint, took a couple puffs then put it out and the session began...
Being a novice in meditation I was a little diffident but Matt expertly guided the process.

One of the first steps was concentrating the kinesthetic senses by way of holding objects, crystals in this case, especially for their energy and grounding.

Things started to get interesting quickly.
Their energy began to emerge through my touch. I could feel their energy interacting with mine. They seemed to become malleable in my hand. I could feel almost a shell-like energy around them and a softness in their core.

Next was concentrating the respiratory function and developing the steady rhythm of breathing required for the deeply relaxed state of meditation. Focusing on drawing deeply in through the nose, pausing, then an equally deep exhale through the mouth, pushing, until I had exhaled every iota of air possible.

Then concentrating the auditory functions, drawing out the details of sound and immersing myself in the various layers.
The rain outside the open window.
The Didgeridoo music playing.
Matt's voice and the icaros whistle he blew periodically.
Followed by concentrating on the proprioception functions of self to the environment via sound.
I was pleasantly surprised by his music choice as the Didgeridoo is one of my favorite instrumental sounds and it couldn't have been a better selection as it began to twist and distort things to where I didn't know if the music was changing, or my perception of it was warping to fit the surreal environment starting to emerge.
After taking in as much detail as possible of each sound happening, next was to locate where the sounds were coming from.
The music, the rain, and the strike of a meditation cymbal as well as the icaros whistle in different locations around me.
All of a sudden the sounds began to emerge as their physical objects.
Out of the blackness, they were like embers and sparks of fire.
This is when it began to get real trippy.
I could see his hand holding the cymbal while he was moving and tapping it.
I was so tripped out I had to open my eyes to confirm I wasn't hallucinating!
I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I opened my eyes and confirmed I was seeing my environment with my eyes closed.

While not focusing on any one sensory input in particular but being aware of all the sensory information I was experiencing altogether, he began having me focus on the body.

Focusing on concentrating the body into a relaxed state by tuning it with the harmony of this crazy psychedelic environment around me.

By doing this he was able to help draw my awareness to the body.

He had me imagine a white cleansing light as I drew in my breath and then attached the inhalation of that energy to the area of my body I felt was the strongest.
Immediately I felt my heart open up, drawing in the white cleansing light energy.

Then on exhale I would exhale any tension, stress, negative energy and discomfort while channeling the renewing energy from the light in and through until all that was left was a pure white clean energy.

He then had me focus on channeling the strength and positivity of that pure light energy to the area of my body that needed it and I immediately felt it flood into my abdomen and hands.

My mind interpreted this as letting go and allowing me to live my truth. My gut representing self-instinct and my hands representing what I do in this world and in this life.

What I put into it.
The work that I do.
My actions both physical, mental and emotional.

Next was embodying my totem. Immediately a falcon began to emerge of black obsidian perched upon a granite-like rock.

It then broke free and took flight just as the question formed in my mind as to why my totem was the falcon.
It was showing me.
It morphed into myself as a half falcon, half human with wings as arms.
It signified the great heights I could achieve if I stayed balanced and level, but then it flew up and toward the sun. The feathers caught fire and the story of Icarus came forth.
The idea came that I can do great things with my potential but I must be mindful as to not become overzealous in change and growth, or prematurely overestimate my capabilities during this journey.
The delineation that even a God cannot become God.
Also, the energy I put into the world could become my downfall without remaining present and centered with self.

I saw the immense power I (we) are able to weld. That we can do anything with that power that we choose, good or bad.

The power is limitless and literally, the universal power of all potential flows through each one of us. We are the universe manifesting itself.
A conduit from which all potential flows.
We can create and destroy worlds.
We must be conscious of this in that it is up to us to use our powers for good and put forth positivity into the universe.
We can become anything we wish and we are timeless. 
Shapeless, changing form at will.
And, like the molting of a snake, we will molt our human body and continue on, into the next evolution of our being.
And just as I was witnessing this he placed a crystal on my forehead over my third eye and it was like a blast of lightning, plugging into a conduit of pure white electrical energy, yet cool and tempered.
I was connected to every thing and every one.
Out of the darkness beyond the surging power of light strode a figure.
It was me.
And I then had to face myself.
The things I see as flaws with self.
My darkness.
I felt guilt.
As I approached myself the darkness faded and my higher-self stood before me. A being of pure white light in my own human form.
A testament that I am a being of light, free from darkness and that despite there being darkness in my past, I can (and have) shed that darkness and evolved beyond it.
That deep down my heart is pure and filled with love.
We stood there, forehead to forehead.
Love, compassion, and forgiveness exchanged from eye to eye.
I felt joy and happiness.
Most of all gratitude.
I thanked my higher-self for showing me my truth.

We smiled at each other and as we parted I knew that the time and space separating us is an illusion of the mind, a mind trapped in a reality that only exists within the dimension of time and space.

Matt then began drawing me back to the present.

As I returned I was reminded that the powers exist beyond just the mind.
Matt was whistling the icaros and shaking a Chakapa prayer rattle around me and once again, I could see it and his hand holding it, as an orangish yellow light as if it and his hand were sparks from a fire.
I had to open my eyes a couple more times again to convince myself it was real. And laughed again as I confirmed I hadn't gone mad.
I could feel the connection of everything around me. Living and non-living.
And as I opened my eyes the final time the figurines within his Pachakuti Mesa were living entities before me.
The spirit guides.
And gradually they subsided and drew down until they were once again inanimate objects sitting in front of me..

.. and it was all over with.

You are a written program, here is the source code.

It was by no coincidence that I came to write this on the birthday of one of the very individuals who not only witnessed it's beginnin...