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Sunday, November 25, 2018

You are a written program, here is the source code.

It was by no coincidence that I came to write this on the birthday of one of the very individuals who not only witnessed it's beginning, but was also a key figure in watering the seed of consciousness and causing it to blossom within myself.

The conversations we had set the ground work that formed the foundation upon which my consciousness grew exponentially.
One of the few friends I could intelligently discuss the more complex ideologies and musings of my ADHD brain with.
And often able to offer an insightful perspective from which to view things beyond my own.
Although I miss his physical presence dearly, the amplitude of the waves he made with his life's energy is felt just as strong as ever.
And he still brings me moments of joy by visiting my thoughts often.

Thank you Ben Bufford.

With that said.

I'm going to explain the equation of life using a modified version of Einstein's famous theory of special relativity:


Since it and the general understanding of it is prevalent and known (to some degree) by most.

So let's use that as a starting point for a simplified version of the more complex science behind what creates the fabric of our lives, 
and our realities.
Firstly, let me explain what e (energy), and m (mass) are to those that may not have a clear definitive understanding.

And I'm not trying to come off patronizing here, most people didn't stop to really think and understand what exactly energy IS beyond basic Newtonian relativity they learned in the 11th grade.

The origin of the word energy is attributed to Aristotle who defined it as:

"Being at work"
Or simply just activity.

Contrasty to this was a much more interesting word, and it's definition even more interesting yet.

And that is the word 'hexis'.

Which meant:

"Posses potential, be in a state of potential"

We'll touch on this later but if we include every possible potential field path for e to express itself that would equal the sum of m.

Mass is the sum of our total potential field paths manifest through being.

Mass is represented in the equation by the physical plane.

By our material body.
Which is a manifestation of our vibrational life energy, and is the sum of its potential.

So in other words:

Our mass (body) is the vibrational energy signature of our hexis (every possibility of expression of consciousness by way of potential).


A physical representation for the material portion of potential possibilities of our vibrational life energy's material existence.

Segmented only to the human life condition itself.

So now that we understand what energy and mass represent in the equation we can now go back to Einstein's theory of special relativity:

Energy=mass times the speed of light squared.

That is:

We our being (our collective energy both material and immaterial) = the sum of our lives which is our individual mass ('kinectic' potential derived from 'hexis') times our life (or decisions and free will explained as time by way of speed of light) squared, or times itself. (the particular path our free will led us down, or explained as manifested potential times actual potential).

It sounds confusing but it's not.

I can explain more simply.

Our energy equals our potential, times our lifespan, times itself.

If we use the XYZ Cartesian coordinate system from that geometry class we hated so much in school:

Lets use the origin dot in the center to represent ourselves.

From there, every possible option and decision throughout our lives are the X1, Y1, X7, Y23, Z5 etc, coordinate points that map out our life path.

When we make a choice or decision
(physical, mental or emotional)
we 'move' to that dot and that is our potential expressing itself as energy.

The act of moving from any given point or possibility to another.

It is the act of choosing with our free will, or moving to that specific coordinate point out of all the other potential options (points), that gives birth to our energy from a state of hexis, which is defined as life, or life energy from potential.
Now that special relativity theory example can be a sensible 'descriptor' of our physical reality.
But is not an accurate 'definer' of it because it simply accounts for 'what is' (in a material sense).
Where actual reality there exist every path possible simultaneously at once, always, and forever in the same space where time does not exist.
To explain what this means I will quote Einstein's words again:

“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”

As the scientific understanding of matter and our material reality progresses we have discovered this to be true.
Even though current technology and scientific understanding has been unable to provide empirical evidence to support the conclusion, that does not repudiate it's actuality.
Just as the understanding of gravity is similarly vague.
It exist.
We understand it's laws and principles.
Yet we cannot fully understand what IT is.
Read explanatory article here  if needed.

And I can finally explain why this is!

If at the the unimaginable core of the atom, beyond it's compact nucleus, we have found no solid object.

Rather, a dynamic pattern of tightly confined energy vibrating at perhaps 10 sextillion times a second.
(Yes, that is a number not just my dirty imagination)

It's a dance.

And, just like the atomic particle construct that manifest the whole, at the inner most being of the body,

and at the absolute core of our world, there also exist no solidity.
There exist only that vibrational dance of energy.
The implications of this is far reaching and, literally, reality shattering.
It is exactly what Nikola Tesla was talking about when he said:

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

What we believe to be our material reality is not a precondition to existence that our minds interpret.

It IS the condition created by our minds.

Worded differently:

Reality is not a condition of what IS.
It is the condition of observing our thoughts of what we BELIEVE IT TO BE.

This is why the statement 'where attention goes, energy flows' is a fact of matter. Literally.

To better understand the science behind this, there are some animated videos by Dr Fred Alan Wolf (Dr Quantum) that explain it in easy to comprehend terms.
One in particular (and relevant to understanding what I just said) is the famous double slit experiment episode:
Youtube - Double slit experiment

When unobserved, the interaction between the particle and that of the 'hexis of nothing' can be witnessed because it activates the quantum field of potential.

That is, the web of all possible potential.

But when observed it can only express it's material self as the energy we have labeled it as rather than the potential from which it comes.

Thus preventing it's interaction with the potential of nothing.
Because that nothing cannot exist on a material plane.
It's like wind through a spiders web creating ripples and waves, versus a finger poked into the web causing local direct ripples and waves effecting the material.
It is this aspect that has perplexed physicist because you cannot describe nothing in terms of something.
Once you try to describe it, it then becomes something.
Remember, where attention goes, energy flows, and that energy is observable therefore measurable.

This is why 'nothing' cannot exist on a scientific plane.

Exactly why gravity cannot be fully explained by scientific standards as it shares qualities with the realm of nothingness.
The dimension beyond, where our consciousness comes from.
In very simple terms:
Reality is an indivdual observation of particle energy that wouldn't exist without the individual, and yet still exists beyond reality.
As nothing.
As infinite potential.
And since our understanding of reality is based in thought and mind, which is a product of the material realm, we cannot experience actuality until we free ourselves of mind.

That is,
..by the state of presence through no mind.

To go beyond the material realm into the immaterial from which we come.
To transcend thought.
With science we keep searching for the answers to the universe in the material plane of existence governed by mind and thought.
But since it exist beyond that, what can point to that which one cannot see?
In the words of Eckhart Tolle:

"Words are sign post that simply point the way"

And along with that he also points out the fact that, like him, I am not telling you anything you do not already know.

Whenever we hear or see truth we don't have to be convinced of it because we are able to feel it.
With truth the eyes will open so that it can be seen in any form, and you will know it when you see it.
It is unconsciousness that attaches itself to unconscious words, rather than to the consciousness of which they point to.

So it's not the words I'm conveying here.
It's the idea.
And the words are only signs pointing to the idea.
The idea is the knowing.
The truth.
Look beyond me and the words.

Consciousness supersedes complexity.

You are that knowing, not the known.

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You are a written program, here is the source code.

It was by no coincidence that I came to write this on the birthday of one of the very individuals who not only witnessed it's beginnin...