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Friday, November 23, 2018

Why shouldn't you be a negative Nancy douche bag? Because science! That's why.

Simplified explanation on the science behind energy transmission using control theory as a way to understand the basic concept, and the laws that prove it true.
Let's use you as a starting point for reference here.
If your thoughts, words and actions are negative, your energy will thus be negative.
If they are positive, it will be positive.
No one decides this but you.
Our reality is a mirror of ourselves and our energy. Our energy is in constant interaction with the energy around us in the form of loops.
There are two types of loops that are created by an individual.
One is a positive feedback loop, and the other is a negative feedback loop.
Either loop can feed positive or negative energy; the denotation of the loop being positive or negative simply describes the affect the flow of energy has from source to subject (source being you in this instance, and subject being all energy surrounding you, which is any person, place or thing).
In control theory positive and negative in this sense refer to loop gains greater than or less than zero, and do not imply any value judgments as to the desirability of the outcomes or effects. When a change occurs in a system, positive feedback causes further change, in the same direction.
For instance in a positive feedback loop where positive energy is put forth into a positive subject, positive energy is expanded upon and returned, with overall positive energy increasing exponentially.
Conversely, in a negative feedback loop where we receive negative energy but choose to convert it to positive, amplifying our own, the positive energy we put forth into a negative subject will inversely affect the negative energy of that subject by diminishing it, making the negative energy returned less than its initial output. Eventually leading to its inevitable conversion to a positive state.
This is why when someone is negative to you, and you respond in like fashion, their negative energy you received is then increased by yours, and reflected back to them, which is then increased and reflected back at you in a perpetual cycle of amplified intensity. You're only hurting yourself more by doing this.

Whereas if you respond in a positive fashion their negativity is diminished, and given a long enough time line, will eventually fade.
So if you ever find yourself with negative energy, stop being apart of the problem and help become the solution. You're always going to lose until you adopt positivity. This is a fact of the universe.
Positive energy is love, and thus love will always have +1.
How can one be so sure that love will always have a +1?
This is why love will always win:
Because love cannot be destroyed.
Even in the most evil of hearts there exist a love, even if that is a love for evil, it is still love.
You cannot destroy energy, you can only change its form and if at the root of the heart of evil there exist love, it will eventually consume the darkness with its light, until there is only light.
Love is light.
Light is consciousness.
Consciousness is understanding.
Understanding is presence.
Be present in mind, body and spirit.
Be the solution, not the problem.
Whatever or whoever you believe God to be is irrelevant, just as long as you are conscious of the fact that God is love. Consciousness supersedes complexity.
So don't be a dick. Class dismissed.

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