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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Keep that fire hot and grab the biscuits!

If you have a significant other in your life or maybe you are experiencing conflict or discord right now, take a moment today (now or when you next see them) and look at them.

Don't just identify their physical presence mentally.

"Yep, there's Sally... Wonder what I'll do to piss her off today..."


"Yep, there's Jimbo.. Scratching his butt...again. Wonder why he's looking at me. He better not want sex, I can't even right now.."

No, but REALLY look at them.

Take a moment and go to them, look into their eyes.

Remember the first time you saw them.
What you felt, before you became familiar with them.

Really see them in the present moment.

Feeling those same feelings.
Seeing their being without judgement or thought.
Feel the love you have for them and hold that for a second.
Take the time to do this every day.

Better yet, take the time to do this each and every time you see them.

See them for the first time in each and every moment.

Seeing them for the first time in every moment leaves no room for conflict or discord to enter, and by doing this you will always abide in love.

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