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Friday, November 23, 2018

Have problems or issues in your life? Here's the solution to every single one.

Just as a phobic is attached to their irrational fears, so have we attached ourselves to our imagined realities.
As such, we will protect this familiarity at all cost against the unknown. Especially when our identity has been formulated around them.
To the egoic-self (your mind), the unknown is death.
It cannot understand what it does not know because it does not yet exist there, and therefore it fears it.
Unfortunately for most of us we have to be forced out of our imagined realities in a catastrophic manner, 'kicking and screaming' if you will. It is often only when we are given no other choice do we venture into that unknown.
That, or we completely crumble if our mental attachment to the egoic-self is greater than our will to adapt.
Our egoic-self is much like a hermit crab, only allowing itself to emerge from its constructed body of armor made from imagined realities just to hurry into and imprison itself within another.
It then begins to fortify the new in the same manner as the previous.
It does this using nearly (if not identical to) the same idiosyncrasies, of which it stores in our subconscious.
Our subconscious protection of these individual realities, even if severely warped and/or harmful, is hardwired into us as a primal survival mechanism.
As long as we're familiar with our environment, circumstances and situation we can, and will, become content with them on some level.
This is because we've adapted to and learned to survive in that environment.
We develop this contentment through our having experience with it, regardless of the hostility or negativity of it.
We are content because our mind knows what to expect.
It's dealt with it before.
It's familiar with it.
It's comfortable.
It is because of this that experience will always beat knowledge, which in turn is why even if we have knowledge of a better possibility, we will still cling to what we have experience with.
This creates the environment that even if or when we become aware of fundamental flaws within our belief system, or harmful mental and emotional ideologies, we will still try to protect them or allow them to remain.
That is, until we have something seemingly greater or more complex with which to replace them.
Contemporary religion being a perfect example of one of these conjured, and most irrational, inconstant imagined realities that infect the human mind, even at the cost of displacing all reason and logic.
Religion is the most destructive and damaging force, outside of the egoic-self, to mankind.
It was designed to keep us unconscious and subjugated, ironically by promising the very thing that only consciousness can provide.
To add insult to injury, the egoic-self will then sabotage nearly, if not all, newly adopted alternatives and behavior.
That is how it ascertains it's own survivability.
This is why habitual nature, and history, perpetuates itself through lack of presence resulting in what seems to be recurring problems and/or issues throughout our lives despite our best efforts to change.
It is not recurring issues or problems, it is one and the same carried with us the entire time.
This applies to every issue or problem in our lives at any given moment.
Just like having a disease we may have periods when it seems we regain our health only to fall ill all over again.
The disease never left it just lays dormant, hidden, until it's next flare up.
You only cure yourself of this disease by becoming conscious of it, that is, becoming conscious of the egoic-self.
I just recently came to understand the slight, seemingly imperceptible, delineation between you and self.
I was aware of it.
I had a rudimentary knowledge of it.
Defined then as soul and self coming together to create mind. The ego being a inseparable component of self needing to be mastered with humility.

I did not understand that self was an unnecessary 'layer to the onion' of imagined realities, and a construct of the mind completely separate from, and not at all, you.
To demonstrate how the egoic-self parasitically attaches itself to you and how deeply within our thoughts we are infected with the addiction of self, we can look at the noble and self-righteous affirmation 'Love yourself'.
In order to love yourself that would imply that there is a you who must love the self, and therefore they must be separate entities.
A relationship between you and self.
This is an unnecessary 'middleman relationship' created by the ego between you and it, establishing itself as that separate entity, but seemingly inseparable from you.
To cure you of ego (self) you have to simply become conscious of it.
You are not your mind.
To be conscious is to come into you, or just to be.
That's what presence is.
Being you.
To be IS love. You don't need to love you, you ARE love.
To BE (conscious), is to BE in the presence of God (consciousness), and that God IS being love.
This is why the name of God is ineffable.
Yahweh, the Hebrew name of God, literally translates into 'I am that I am' (to BE).
It is also described as being the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the eternal (no mind).
It is not a person, place or thing but a state of 'no mind', which is why you cannot truly describe it with thought or words. Words which are thoughts are instruments of the mind.
The mind cannot understand what IT is because IT does not exist there. The mind can only exist in time and space, in thought, which is then described with words.
To BE (that which is eternal, beyond time and space) is to be ABSENT of thought and why thought is described as unconsciousness.
You cannot be conscious (present with God) with thought.

Meditation is our daily bread.

Partake daily.

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