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Saturday, November 24, 2018

/hashdump - an untitled poem that is not a poem.

A capable and fearless warrior.
You said you would always have my back.
I showed you the enemy-
and you showed me your courage.
Every time I returned to the front lines there you were with me, by my side.

Even in the worst of moments.
When things looked grim you would muster what little strength you had left and lead the charge to an ephemeral victory.
My Queen.
My savior.
Even if it was just for a brief fleeting moment, those moments are the only times I knew peace.

That day you realized this war I brought you into was never to be won, I saw it in your eyes.
I asked you to go.
"Let me finish this." I said.
But you refused to leave my side.

I even begged you.

Yet you stayed knowing the inevitable cost to be paid...

Its never me that becomes a casualty.
Its always them.
That's my punishment.
To watch everyone I've ever cared for and loved become a casualty of this war.

So as I look back at the enemy with seething anger, I still hope one day I can win this war...

By loving that reflection staring back at me in the mirror.

Until Valhalla my Queen.

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