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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Dafuq you tryna say?

Lets do a little fantasy role playing.

Get that grin off your face, not that kind..

Let's imagine you're a passenger in a vehicle out for a Sunday cruise and you're having a conversation with the driver.

While you are puttzin' along the driver doesn't notice a stop sign ahead.

Using this scenario let me explain two types of people in our world that I will simply label person A and person B.

Scenario 1: You shout "Stop!"

Person A stops.

Person B has a puzzled look and replies with 'huh?'.
You dead.

Scenario 2: You shout "Stop sign!"

Person A stops.

Person B stops.

Person A obviously comprehended both simple commands and can logically deduce what is immediately implied without the irrelevant addition of the word 'sign'.

Person B needs the irrelevant addition of a single word in order to grasp the immediate implication of the command, your lives depend on it.

Yet, they are ignorantly unaware of the conditional necessity of it in their lives and do not understand that their understanding depends on the presence of an irrelevant word.

If they were more cognizant they would understand things the same without it.

Now, use the same scenario but reverse roles and put person B in the passenger seat.

Person B would undoubtedly use the unnecessary and irrelevant word because that is how they make full sense of the command and in-turn attribute it's inclusion to the immediate success of the command, ignorant to its meaningless and null necessity.

Despite this arguably harmless prerequisite, it invariably slows them down directly and you indirectly.

Should they learn to live life without it's inclusion they would become more fluid, more adept, more efficient.

And when the day comes when time is of the essence, more survivable.
And yes I am very specific in purpose using this ambiguous story.

Now... what the fuck am I talking about?

I'm talking about religion vs God and people's misconstrued concept of necessity through ignorance.
You do not need religion to know God and that by maintaining this false misconception, it will prevent you from ever really knowing God fully.

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